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La Couscouillette

13th Century Stone Windmills


Mentioned in Times Online as one of 31 most unusual holiday homes in Europe

.........'Sit outside to watch the sunset as your nostrils fill with the aroma of mint and lavender'. .....

Pointed Roof Mill

Sloping Roof Mill



Here you see

a fairy tale place in the

south of france.

13th century mill











for a video of the Pointed Roof Mill interior, pool and grounds click here

for a video of the Sloping Roof Mill interior, pool and grounds click here

for a blog about La Couscouillette made by a guest in 2012 please click here


The Two Mills of the Couscouillette

These two mills were the built in the 13th century and described by Pierre Cabirol, a priest researching the history of Montlaur in the ancient archives of the Abbey of Lagrasse, as the first windmills in the South of France. The part on Catharism in 'Montlaur-En-Val' (1926), as the book is called, has a section dedicated to the Couscouillette mills. It makes fascinating reading. You can buy it online at They were built in the aftermath of the Cathar wars, in 1280. Simon de Melun, who had been put in charge of the village by the King of France, ordered them to be built. He rented the land of the Couscouillette, paying 12 bushels of grain, to be paid at 'Saint Michel' (on the 29th of September) once a year. Only water mills existed in those days in the South of France. Montlaur had no large rivers, so the villagers ground their wheat at home, using two flint stones, attached one on top of the other by a metal bar. Simon de Melun had been on Crusades to the East and seen windmills operating there. One mill was to be used for wheat, the other for coarser grains.


The mills were burned down during the 100 days war, in 1360, possibly by the Black Prince, and resurrected 80 years later by the Count of Malacoste. The original flint grinding stones are lying outside the Pointed Roof Mill to this day, an inviting seat for our guests.

For more on the history of the Mills of the Couscouillette please click on History of the Couscouillette Mills





large POOL 9.50m by 4m

solar panel heated

gorgeous terrace




Aerial View of the Domain

Tennis Court




Conservatory of La Couscouillette


Allan & Margaret's Private Pool








La Couscouillette

Stick around and listen to the stories about the inhabitants of this place, past and present, starting today with the facts about Henry, the Magnificent..The Story of Henry

Henry was one of 10 baby chicks. All of them were born in Bresse, that center of excellence for chickens. We, that is my husband and I, used to fool ourselves that living on a semi-farm we would actually farm our own dinners. Now, that is fine for tomatoes and other types of vegetable life. But how can you eat a (be it) feathery person you know personally? It's cannibalism!


Then there's the fabulous story of the two Camargue horses, Temps and Alaric who used to roam our hill side.  Tempy was the world's sweetest, most gentle Camargue. Sadly he has passed away on the 19th February 2017, aged 32 years. That is very old for a Camargue, who normally live to 20/25. He had not been well for a long time. He died peacefully and was licking my hand at the end, when he was down and not able to get up. The vet put him to sleep and a horse ambulance took him away. Alaric passed away Jan 2010 so we have no horses any more on the Couscouillette and the lovely wood where he used to roam is now available for us humans.


32 years old July 2016



Samson our HUGE cat







Here you see Fifi, or as she was named officially, she passed on May 2015 at age 14, she is very missed.

Royal Fifi du Boschauzi. She is a Coton de Tulear, like all our dogs, including little puppie Angie who just arrived . Click here to see all our dogs



Little Lolita

4 weeks old October 2015

video of her playing with our cat Samson at:


For those of you who love talking birds :) read all about Charlie, the Javah Mynah. And... the story of Cookie and Sugar

And the sequel to that story called......LOVE with baby parrot! Extremely unusual, just 6 weeks old the 30th Dec

Click here for a YouTube video of the whole African Grey Parrot family


This is the story I haven't written yet...........

Our baby Angora goats, bottle fed, and shown here with our huge dog, Lady in the background

This is babyWilliam, dd 29-02 2004



Here 'La Couscouillette' you can see what the house looked like when we first bought it..